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As leaders in the commercial cleaning industry, not only do we focus on continuous improvement as one of our core values, we focus on sharing learned knowledge and skills with the world. The more we know the better we are.



Government Contracting: Is It the Right Fit For You?

As far back as the late 1600s, red tape (or ribbons) were used to bind official documents. The “red tape” phrase has since taken on a different meaning—one that conjures up unnecessary hoops and onerous bureaucracy. The proverbial red tape in government contracting...

Happy National Healthcare EVS & Housekeepers Week

CCS cannot be more thrilled to celebrate the hard working men and women that make our company so great. The dedication and skills that they show are profound and appreciated. Please join us this week in celebrating and letting your CCS team know that you appreciate...

Honoring Two Outstanding CCS Employees

In continued celebration of our employees and how proud we are to have such amazing people on our team, we want to specifically honor two spectacular CCS employees for their outstanding integrity and character. A couple weeks ago we received an email from a customer...

Clear Goals, Focused Execution Is the Best Way to LEED

The 700-mile quest to be the first to reach the South Pole just over a century ago offers the perfect lens for companies with their eye on a different, more modern-day prize: LEED certification. Two men—Roald Amundsen (the winner) and Robert Falcon Scott...

A Career in Janitorial Services? Who Would Have Thought!

In The Legend of Bagger Vance: A Novel of Golf and the Game of Life author Steven Pressfield creates an emotional scenario where young Hardy Greaves is embarrassed to be seen speaking with his father, a janitor. The setting was the Great Depression, and Hardy’s pop...


We believe that commercial janitorial maintenance is more than keeping your space clean. It is about community, caring for one another, setting an example of handwork and perseverance. Representing a true service heart is imperative to our success and we feel it is just as important to share our outlook with others -hence, the reason for our videos. Each video starts with What and WhyWhat we care about and Why our customers should be informed. We hope you enjoy our short films and please send over suggestions of future videos you would like to see.


Our employees are in every video. We are not actors or models. Our CCS staff didn’t receive presentation or acting training for any of the videos. What you see is authentic, caring, talented people giving it their all. It takes a village to make these videos and we appreciate everyone that helped in the creation of these fun films. Thank you!

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