About Commercial Cleaning Systems

Commercial Cleaning Systems is a commercial property janitorial service provider in the Western United States. We have a passion to be the best service provider in the commercial real estate and facility management industries. Our culture revolves around serving our customers and employees at the highest level each and every day. Our operational infrastructure, communication methods, and attention to detail are the key components of executing and delivering consistent and quality service. Our approach and mentality when addressing sudden and unforeseen obstacles are to: immediately respond, take responsibility, make no excuses, resolve the issue, and learn from each situation. We achieve our goals with a combination of working hard, taking care of our customers and employees while seeking continuous improvement.

A Philosophy that Works for You

Commercial Cleaning Systems has a working philosophy for developing loyal customer partnerships: Ongoing communication throughout the partnership to ensure a complete understanding of our customers’ goals and objectives. Sensitivity to our customers’ priorities, such as detailed attention to the cleaning process and operating costs. Personalized service to our customers to maintain consistent standards.

Our service is reflected in the quality of management and personnel. To build loyalty, we consider the following objectives vital throughout our customer relationships. Provide consistent management and supervision on a daily basis. Continually develop, train and motivate all personnel.  Provide promotional and advancement opportunities to our employees. Re-evaluate and customize work schedules for optimum productivity and quality Provide continuous feedback to our employees and customers

“Every day do something That will inch you closer to a better tomorrow”

-Doug Firebaugh

Our History

In 1988, Commercial Cleaning Systems (CCS) was founded in Denver, Colorado with the purchase of three janitorial building contracts.  Over the next few decades, with the sole mission of being the best, CCS grew to become the largest provider of janitorial services in Colorado.  With the merger of an Orange County, California based janitorial company in 2007 and the 2009 acquisition of a Phoenix, AZ company, CCS expanded its footprint throughout the Western United States.  By continuing to focus on our original mission of “being the best,” CCS quietly emerged as a regional company with a reputation for quality service delivery with a high level of customer satisfaction. Today, CCS is one of the largest privately held janitorial service companies in the United States.  The creation and expansion of long-term customer relationships have been the driving factors behind our continued growth and prosperity.  As we move forward as a company, our passion and commitment to be the best service provider will continue to be generated by continuous improvement, use of technology and development of our employees.

Our Technology:

Mobile Devices and Tablets

Cloud Computing

Employee Portals

Team Sites

Advanced Reporting


Real-Time Data Collection

GPS Tracking


At CCS we are a forward thinking company, always looking for continuous ways to improve by utilizing meaningful, practical, and innovative technology. Staying cutting-edge allows us to operate at a higher level, which provides advanced analysis to help us gain a deeper understanding of business performance, customer preferences and quality control. Management can more easily communicate business strategy, streamline operations and minimize waste, as well as connect with other teams at a seconds’ notice, while also adapting to our customers’ needs by providing them with solutions not commonly known.

The use of technology has created a team culture and positive impact throughout the company, building and open and communicative environment for all employees, vendors, and customers.

We know that the technology world is evolving every second of every day, and we make it our priority to move with it.

Commercial Cleaning Systems (CCS) focuses on customer partnerships where quality, safety, and the employee/tenant experience are high priority. From commercial office buildings, to corporate campuses, to high-tech facilities, to medical office buildings or educational institutions, our services are customized to each environment resulting in the highest value for our customers.

Our Goals & Objectives

To continuously provide a healthy workplace for over 1 million U.S. workers on a daily basis throughout thousands of facilities and home to over 200 of the Fortune 1000 companies.

Establish opportunities for our employees resulting in better lives for our employees and their families.

Identify new and effective technology to create more efficient processes and communication to better support our employee/client relations to maintain a healthy environment.

Create loyal customers through further developing our employees’ skills to better serve our customers by delivering exceptional customer service, unmatched by other service providers.

Expansion of our services on a national level by acquiring best-in-class service providers within the markets they serve.

Our Strategy

Most importantly, invest back into our people to enhance customer service to unprecedented heights and prepare our employees for further advancement. Invest back into all operational aspects of our company to better execute our service at all levels. Through our acquisition team, identify culturally aligned companies to expand our presence on a national level and integrate the best practices from all companies for continuous improvement.

Interested in Doing Business?

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

-John Wooden