From large universities to K-12 school districts, a trusted and experienced cleaning partner is a key part of ensuring a clean and safe environment for all. Public and private, pre-school through college, CCS delivers.

K -12






Commitment To Campus

We know the investment for students and their families in their education is significant—and as a result, their expectation for their campus environment is high. At the same time, educational facilities go beyond serving students—they represent the workplace for many, and a gathering place for the community. Meeting the highest standards of excellence is at the heart of what we do and deliver.

From service mindset to quality assurance, our education clients chose CCS because we do more than bring a lower total cost of ownership to their janitorial service needs. While price is a key driver, other more challenging to measure factors (think trust, responsiveness, efficiency) also factor into the mix.

Our experience encompasses cleaning of a range of educational facilities, including (but not limited to):

  • Classroom and administrative buildings
  • Recreational centers
  • Libraries
  • Event spaces
  • Utility services


What is Important to you 

is Important to us

Safety first

CCS approach to education facilities—from the main campus to satellite facilities—goes beyond the contract and extends to a partnership.  We are committed to strict implementation of the scope of work and have a proven track record of cleaning of sensitive, secure areas.

Often, educational facilities (similar to government buildings and facilities) have intense scrutiny in the areas of hiring practices, safety / OSHA compliance and scheduling of cleaning areas. CCS utilizes technology and experience (as demonstrated by our CIMS Certification) to ensure our services are unparalleled in these environments. Importantly, our team members have experience interacting with key personnel at every leadership level within the facilities themselves.


“a clean school is healthy for the body and the mind”

-Dana holladay