Government & Municipalities

CCS approach to Government and Municipality facilities goes beyond the contract and extends to a partnership.  We are committed to strict implementation of the scope of work and have a track record of cleaning sensitive and secure areas.


From service structure to quality assurance, our government clients chose CCS because we bring a lower total cost of ownership to their janitorial service needs. While price is a key driver, other more challenging to measure factors (think trust, responsiveness, efficiency) also factor into the mix.

Our experience encompasses cleaning of a range of government facilities

City Building

Courthouse Facilities

Recreational Centers


Parks Facilities

Transit Systems

Utility Services

Police/Fire Stations

Specialized needs

Federal government, state, city and municipality-owned buildings and facilities may also have intense scrutiny in the areas of hiring practices, safety / OSHA compliance and scheduling of cleaning areas. CCS utilizes technology and experience (as is demonstrated by our CIMS Certification) to ensure our services are unparalleled in these environments. Importantly, our team members have experience interacting with key personnel at every leadership level within the facilities themselves.

CCS understands the specialized cleaning needs of government entities—and that contract requirements extend beyond cleaning to issues of privacy, security and more. Our wealth of experience in cleaning government facilities is extensive and brings the support and best practices of cleaning government facilities to the doorsteps of our public service customers.

“Community is important to us and we are honored to serve our local COMMUNITIES by providing high-level services to so many government and municipality FACILITIES throughout the country”

-Titus Gardner